Studio Tecnico Marittimo

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The basic STM organigram is represented by:

  • Partners and associates: # 2 naval architects and mechanical engineers, # 1 marine expert and senior engineer
  • Full time employees: # 2 naval architects and # 4 engineers and draughtsmen and # 1 accountant
  • Continuous and coordinate consultants: # 2 senior naval architects and mechanical engineers, # 5 engineers draughtsmen
  • Chartered consultants: # 1 ocean-going master and # 1 chief engineer
  • Induced network of small engineering companies

The company is structured in three disciplines all dedicated to offshore floaters, ships and pleasure boats:

  • Structures and plants design and engineering
  • Consultancy and project management
  • Ship management, surveillance

A project team is “ad hoc” created to each commitment and a project leader is nominated.
External consultants and specialists are chartered and incorporated into the working team as the necessity arises.