Studio Tecnico Marittimo


In close co-operation with Tecnomare Spa – the ENI’s specialist offshore design co, in 2012 STM has developed the basic design of a FPU – a floater to be used as platform for the Jasngkrik gas field development.
Starting from a smaller barge, a 200*50*14 m platform has been identified as the needed size.
More than the production modules weights and size, oil storage and offloading capacity, FPU overall dimensions has been dientified to comply with the stability requirements.
STM has carried out the conceptual design of the platform hull structures and Finite Element Modeling / Analysis her typical appurtenances:

  • midship section and scantlings accordingly to the design life and corrosion allowance,
  • hull internal and external anodes protecion system
  • offshore mooring system, transit and tow plan
  • hull protecion in way of vessels side mooring
  • modules pankakes supports
  • flare supports
  • piping flow diagrams for all platform services, including oil storage, ballast, tank venting, etc
  • stability checks
  • free board assessment
  • Services

    Basic design
    • Classification plans
    • General arrangement, outline specifications, main equipment suppliers list
    • PFD Pipe flow diagrams and P&Ids – systems schematic diagrams
    • Project definition, conceptual and operational design, feasibility – costs - performances assessment, applicable Rules and Regulations
    • Structural design, scantling plans, strength calculation and FEM/FEA Finite Element Model and Analysis
    • Feasibility studies
    • Naval architecture calculation, motion analysis and study of lay
    • Strength calculation and FEM analysis